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Our activities

More than 1100 professionals offer our partners and customers a range of solutions adapted to the specificities of the seven European countries in which we operate. Each brand has its own DNA and contributes to the spread of our know-how in the field of personal insurance.

Personal insurance activities

cbp is the leader in credit risk insurance and individual life insurance brokerage in France and now supports almost one in four French borrowers.
Recognised for its excellence by its more than 200 partners, credit institutions, insurance companies and wholesale brokers in particular, cbp offers innovative digital solutions for distribution assistance.
cbp’s 100% digital solutions manage the entire life cycle of individual life insurance contracts, from risk selection to claims processing, membership management and premium notices.
Cbp’s strength is built on nearly 750 employees dedicated to the success of its customers and partners.

Expert solutions

Founded in 1990, ASSfi is a direct broker specialized in aggravated or abnormal risks. Based in Angoulême, its team of advisors provide service and support to borrowers who need or want specific coverage. Its experts provide caring support to borrowers: shining light on the AERAS table, conditions of the “right to oblivion,” administrative procedures, and of course alternative insurance solutions adapted to each profile. Thanks to more than 20 insurance partners, and to signature solutions by the major French banks and financial institutions, ASSfi has already made possible the property projects of more than 10,000 borrowers.

Founded in 1984, EXPER is a direct brokerage firm specialising in group life insurance schemes. It has close to 2,000 corporate clients and about 6,000 self-employed clients, and is also involved in the retirement sector.

EXPER enjoys an excellent reputation, particularly with health and life insurance managers and with its risk-bearing partners.

EXPER supports its clients globally through its Asset Consulting Hub.

Its clients are located throughout France with many based in the Hauts-de-France, due to its local hub (Lille) and Ile-de-France.

Kereis Formation (formerly IFCM), an expert training organization in credit and life insurance, has been providing training for more than 15 years. We support our clients in their employees’ Skills Development Plan with appropriate educational modalities and recognised expertise. Whether in the classroom or via digital learning or virtual classroom, we are building the most innovative learning paths to achieve the goals we set. Qualiopi certified, the satisfaction of our trainees is at the heart of our partnership.


International activities

Established in 2007 in Spain, Kereis Iberia is an insurance intermediary and a third-party account manager specialising in credit risk insurance and life insurance. Its business model is exclusively B2B2C, with 75 employees in Barcelona and Madrid. Through its digital tools, Kereis Iberia operates in most of the European countries in which it is authorised: France since 2008, Portugal since 2010, Germany since 2014 and Austria since 2018. In partnership with ASNEF (Spanish Association for Financial Credit), Kereis Iberia also trains most independent distributor networks wishing to market insurance products via an e-learning platform.

Created in 2014 to support in its growth one of its pan-European partners, Kereis Deutschland is an advisory broker and a platform for managing credit risk insurance and life insurance schemes for third parties. With 20 employees based in Düsseldorf and 40 based in Barcelona working exclusively for German-speaking distributor or insurer customers, it also develops intermediary expertise for credit brokers, banks and credit-finance companies seeking tailor-made solutions that adapt to an increasingly demanding regulatory environment. Since 2018, Kereis Deutschland has also operated third-party broker and manager operations in Austria.

Created in 2008, Cbp Italia is an insurance brokerage company based in Milan, with approximately 100 employees, both locally and exclusively dedicated to the Italian market. It mainly develops the consulting and administrative management businesses on behalf of banks and credit institutions, distributors of insurance and insurance contracts.
For more than 13 years, Cbp Italia has created customised insurance programmes, which ensure implementation and management through digital tools, meeting the requirements of this increasingly competitive market. It is the leader in consulting and management of insurance contracts related to the financing of Cessione del Quinto, a form of consumer credit specific to the Italian market. More recently, in the framework of pan-European programmes, Cbp Italia has made available its expertise and the quality of its management under mandate to leading insurers and reinsurers.

Kereis Technologies

Since 1991, Alto Informatique has been reinventing finance using digital technologies. Its objective is to provide increasingly efficient, effective and regulatory-compliant financial services and advisory capabilities to all property finance professionals.

Minalea develops artificial intelligence solutions and uses its know-how for the performance of its professional insurance customers. Created by a team of online insurance specialists in Europe over 20 years ago, Minalea focuses on unique digital technical solutions and experience. Located in the heart of the Alps, in Annecy in the Haute-Savoie region, Minalea is active in France, Belgium, Italy and Spain.

Wholesale distribution

The Group’s wholesale broker, iAssure designs offers in personal insurance (loan insurance and professional life insurance) and has a network of 3,000 distributors.

Created in 2017, the company already has more than 100,000 insured clients with one of its nine insurance partners. On its two product lines, it offers a full digital experience, from pre-sale to claims management and an interface with Alto-Informatique solutions, offering brokers the most suitable insurance sales route, in credit risk insurance and for insurance dedicated to self-employed workers.