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The Executive committee and Supervisory board are in charge of the Group’s governance.

Executive committee

Philippe Gravier

President of Kereis

Philippe Gravier has been at the forefront of the Group since April 2019. Previously, he was an executive first in life insurance and then in health care. He is an associate in mathematics and a graduate in physics. He is a fan of the game Go and has three children.

Eric Lasaygues

Kereis Chief Executive Officer in charge of international activities

After managing the Finance and Actuarial teams in France and internationally at BNPP Cardif, Eric co-created and developed the Group’s international network between 2007 and 2018. In 2021, he joined the Group again as Director of International activities. He was previously Director of Partnership Development and a member of the Executive Committee of the CNP Assurances group. Eric received a master’s degree in Economics and Statistics from the ENSAE Institut Polytechnique de Paris and is a certified member of the French Institute of Actuaries. In addition to his native French, he is fluent in English, Spanish and Italian.

Frank Roullier

Managing Director of Direct Brokerage

Frank joined the group in February 2020. He graduated from EM Normandie and was previously Marketing & Products Director, and then worked in Personal Insurance Brokerage at Aviva France. Frank leads the Group’s B2C activities and is responsible for the credit brokerage networks. He is a sports enthusiast and enjoys running, golf, skiing and swimming.

Stéphane Soudeix

President of Cbp (France)

Stéphane joined Crédit Agricole’s National Federation in 1991. In 1995, he took over business relations with insurers and the regional branches.
He joined Bessé in 1999 to participate in the development of credit risk insurance brokerage activities. In 2010, he became Commercial Director of Cbp France, then General Manager in 2017, before being appointed President of Cbp France in June 2020. He is a graduate of the Institut des Assurances de Bordeaux.

Thomas Abeille

Thomas Abeille

Chief Financial Officer of Kereis

Following a career in transaction services and having served for five years as Chief Financial Officer of a European leader in security, Thomas joined the Group in May 2019 as Chief Financial Officer for the Group’s insurance activities. In November 2021, he was promoted to Group Chief Financial Officer. He is an Arts et Métiers graduate and has a Specialized Masters from HEC. When not immersed in numbers, Thomas divides his free time between land and sea, between golf and sailing.

Myriam Allain Saunier

Kereis Chief Human Resources and Communications Officer

Myriam joined the group in May 2019. She has practised in various areas of human resources management within financial services groups (Crédit Agricole, Aviva). She is the Group’s Director of Human Resources, Communications and CSR. You can find her out on the hiking trails.

Charles Berkovits

Deputy General Manager of Cbp

Charles joined the Group in 2017. After starting his career at Société Générale, he joined the Auto Credit at CGI where he ran two financial partnership companies. He then created Santander in France. In 2009, he joined La Macif, where he notably headed the networks in the Ile-de-France region. Charles is a Sciences Po graduate and holds a master’s degree in philosophy.

Vanessa Fricano

Kereis Director of External Growth and Investor Relations

Vanessa joined the Group in February 2021. She began her career in 1999 in mergers and acquisitions at the Morgan Stanley merchant bank in the financial institutions field. In 2012, she joined Klépierre, and in 2018 became Director of Investments for Apsys, a land development company. Vanessa is a graduate of HEC.

Laurent Monarque

President of iAssure

After 20 years holding management positions in major insurance groups, he joined Cbp in 2017 as director of the individual life insurance business unit. In 2019, he was appointed Chief Executive Officer of iAssure and then Chairman in 2020. He is a graduate of EDHEC.

Carine Weill

Director of Marketing and Online Business

Carine joined the group in September 2021, as Executive Director of Empruntis.com, after 15 years of experience at Société Générale and 10 years at AXA, in digital transformation, marketing and customer experience functions. She is a graduate of Kedge Business School and Celsa. Passionate about new technologies and literature, she writes science fiction novels in her spare time.

Supervisory board

Rémy Weber

Chairman of the Board

Benoît Fournial

Chairman of the Audit Committee and of the Investment Committee

Vincent-Gaël Baudet

Associate, Bridgepoint

Sébastien Dreyer

Associate, Bridgepoint

Frédéric Pescatori

Associate, President of Bridgepoint in France

Carl de Vergie

Director, Bridgepoint