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Kereis and Sopra Steria support the fintech Particeep in a new stage of its development

Kereis acquires a majority stake in Particeep, a fintech and insurtech created in 2013 that offers banks, insurers and insurance brokers turnkey digital solutions to distribute financial, insurance and savings products online.  

Managed by Steve Fogue since its creation, Particeep offers white label technological solutions allowing to quickly deploy subscription paths, on any customer interface, to numerous product families (providence, borrowers’ insurance, health, savings, funeral contracts, retirement products).

In addition, Particeep enriches the multi-product online subscription pathways of its customers with a hub of ready-to-use third-party services, such as online signature, payment or document verification services.

Particeep is growing rapidly, with an 80% increase in revenues in 2022, and has a team of 40 specialists serving its clients in the insurance, banking and brokerage sectors.

Truffle Capital, which took part in the previous round of financing with Sopra Steria and made a significant contribution to Particeep’s commercial and strategic development, is selling its stake.

Sopra Steria, Particeep’s reference shareholder since 2020, will continue to support the management team and will retain a minority stake in Particeep’s capital.

Steve Fogue, President of Particeep, indicated : “We share the same vision of the future of financial products distribution as Sopra Steria and Kereis, which is to provide financial institutions, distributors and marketplaces with customisable solutions that can be integrated into any sales channel without the need for IT development and are open to any information system. We are delighted with this alliance with Kereis and Sopra, which will enable us to strengthen our position in our markets, bring additional value to our customers and reinforce our innovation capabilities.”  

Philippe Gravier, President of Kereis Group, commented : “After the acquisition of Minalea in 2021, of Prokonzept in Germany in 2022, and the successful launch of Kereis Technologies two years ago, Particeep reinforces the range of Saas solutions offered by the Kereis Group to its customers. Particeep’s teams will bring their agility and expertise in the field of sales front-end development, which is essential for the growth of our business in the years to come. Kereis will be at the side of Steve Fogue and his teams to accompany them in this new step of Particeep’s development.” 

Guillaume Blot, Innovation Director of software activities at Sopra Steria, completed : “The strategic partnership between Sopra Steria and Particeep contributes to the digitalisation of the distribution of financial products. This collaboration directly benefits the clients of our three businesses (Consulting, Digital Services, and Software).”

Bernard-Louis Roques, Co-founder et CEO of Truffle Capital, added : “Truffle Capital has played a full role in anchoring the company in a solid industrial strategy, not only with Sopra Steria, which is one of our long-standing partners, but also with Kereis, which provides a new financial and human impetus. We are very pleased to have contributed to this success.”