Kereis Group

For 30 years, we’ve been paving the way in personal insurance for our partners and customers. Discover the brand website!

Our strategy

Paving the way for tomorrow’s insurance

A strategy focusing on three key areas:
diversification, distribution, digitalisation.

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Diversifying our activities

Covering, on a single platform, all of the needs of our customers, while maintaining strong coherence as a individual health insurance and life insurance expert.
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Develop our distribution team

Develop our multichannel distribution to meet the proximity and agility requirements of our customers.
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Prioritising digitalisation

Our success is achieved by staying a clear step ahead of the competition via our unified front-office and back-office technology platform.

A diversification strategy based on our digital platform and our distribution capacity

Leading broker specialising in individual life insurance, Kereis has successfully diversified its activities and expertise over the last few years.

Activity diversification

We draw on this distribution and delegated management expertise to conquer new territories:

  • Self-employed workers
  • Individual health insurance
  • Funeral plans
  • Non-life insurance

Expertise diversification

Our expertise in the life insurance market and our long-term partnerships with key financial groups have enabled us to offer a comprehensive B-to-B platform meeting all the needs of our customers:

  • Distribution
  • Contract management
  • SaaS and technology solutions
  • Advice and expertise


Deploying our offers to all distribution channels

Encouraged by our success in the broker manager and wholesale broker activities, we have expanded our distribution capacity over the last few years through development initiatives and external growth operations:

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A digital broker

The Group is established around a central and unified, native B-to-B life insurance technology platform , used both in France and abroad. Our strategy therefore consists in making the most of the competitive advantages of our platform to accelerate our growth, as well as

  • Deploying our technology platform across the individual health insurance and life insurance domain, using the economies of scale of our platform and our existing front-office and back-office software bricks.
  • Expanding the methods of use of our platform to meet the needs of our partners and to better exploit our commercial opportunities: in distribution with delegated management, in pure delegated management, in SaaS software publishing, and in enriching our offer with actuarial, advisory and data services.
  • Scaling up through innovation and by modernising our software services, the technology content of our platform.



A strong international development ambition

We are developing an industrial and ambitious vision to support our European presence:

  • A European back-office platform in Barcelona, and a central team dedicated to the monitoring of pan-European agreements (“single gate” coverage)
  • A pooled organisation: Pooled Digital & Transformation, Compliance, Insurer monitoring, Actuarial services, Financial management, etc.
  • We have developed long-term European agreements with leading groups in the consumer credit domain.
  • We were also able to set up local offices (in France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Portugal and Belgium) to meet customer needs more closely.