Our international activities

Développement international

A pan-European player

Kereis decided to support its partners Europe-wide to enable them to propose a solid service offer to their customers. Now established in 7 European countries, Kereis knows how to adapt to national differences.

In each country, we refer to a portfolio of key accounts to which multi-country agreements with banks and risk bearers are added. We therefore have the support of the interconnected European back-office platforms in Nantes, Milan, Barcelona and Düsseldorf. Lastly, we have a standalone platform in Barcelona dedicated to consumer credit claims management in all European countries.

Local root, global vision.

We are progressively moving away from identifying as a French player with offices in Europe. We are now a pan-European player due to the adoption of an industrial vision and due to a number of commercial successes. We have also shared a number of support functions: back-office platform, IT & transformation, conformity, insurer monitoring, actuarial work, financial management, etc.

We also sought long-term European agreements with our clients. With the opening of our Portugal office in 2022, we are continuing to expand our European sites to offer local services to insurers, using our knowledge of the European market.

Present in 7 European countries

The inauguration of our office in Portugal in May 2022, took the number of countries served by Kereis to seven. Five of these countries benefit from local branches: Italy (Milan), Spain (Madrid and Barcelona), Germany (Düsseldorf and Ravensburg), Portugal (Lisbon) and France. Our Belgian office is run via an integrator partner, and our Austrian office is run from Germany. We communicate with our customers in ten languages.

Kereis in France

In France, Kereis has branches in Paris, Nantes, Lille, Annecy, Aix-les-Bains, Villeneuve-Loubet and Angoulême, within the different Group subsidiaries. These locations ensure proximity to our customers and our partners and demonstrate a strong local presence and a desire to offer local services.

Kereis Deutschland

Created in 2014, Kereis Deutschland is a broker and a platform for managing credit risk insurance and life insurance schemes for third parties. With 20 employees based in Düsseldorf and 40 based in Barcelona.

Kereis Italia

Created in 2008, Kereis Italia is an insurance brokerage company based in Milan, with approximately 110 employees devoted to consulting, brokerage and administrative management businesses on behalf of banks, credit institutions, and distributors of insurance contracts.

Kereis Iberia

Established in 2007 in Barcelona, Kereis Iberia is an insurance intermediary specialising in credit risk insurance and life insurance. It has 90 employees based between its Barcelona and Madrid offices. Through its digital tools incorporating the entire value chain, Kereis Iberia operates in most of the European countries in which it is authorised: Spain and France (since 2008), Portugal (2010), Germany (2014), Poland (2016) and Austria (2018).

Kereis Portugal

Initiating in 2010, brokerage in Portugal was driven from Spain under the freedom to provide services for one of its key accounts in the banking world. These services really took off in 2021, prior to the opening of a representative office in Lisbon at the start of 2022 to support the dynamic development of this market portfolio.