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Our commitments


Paving the way for tomorrow’s insurance

Kereis was set up three decades ago based on the core values of innovation and proximity to its customers. The ambition of this commitment, which is shared by our subsidiaries and employees, is to pave the way for common and sustainable projects.

Nos engagements RSE

Our CSR commitments

Kereis’ key mission is to facilitate and secure our customers’ financial, personal or professional projects. We also work alongside our partners to find the best insurance solution to help them protect their customers.

This mission is itself a solution to a societal need. However, today, our goal is to boost our efforts to go even further. By bringing all of our stakeholders on board, we are deploying concrete actions for which we will monitor the impact year-on-year.   

To fully integrate this approach into the daily life of the Group, our rsocietal responsibility is routed in the values of

excellence, boldness, agility and proximity.  

  • 15% Reduction in our carbon footprint for scopes 1 and 2 in 2021 vs 2019
  • 92 Professional Equality Index
  • 8,5 Average customer satisfaction score

CSR actions and challenges

Our commitments
Actions undertaken
The environment
Social – employees
Our commitments

Improve understanding of energy and climate challenges

Reduce our carbon footprint

Involve employees in environment-related initiatives

Our commitments

Attract employees with our employee well-being initiatives

Support the professional development of employees

Enrich our diversity and inclusion policy

Our commitments

Develop the impact of Kereis on communities

Encourage employees to commit to societal actions and the sharing of skills

Our commitments

Focus on CSR aspects when co-designing offers with our partners (responsible offers)

Improve service quality and proximity to policyholders at key stages of a claim

Actions undertaken
  • Measurement of our carbon footprint since 2019
  • Action plan to reduce our digital carbon footprint (Green IT)
  • Implementation of a “smartworking” policy for our employees
  • Low carbon travel encouraged through the signing of a “Sustainable mobility plan” agreement
  • Awareness-raising actions and collective actions (calculation of carbon footprint, eco-gestures, World clean-up day, etc.)
Actions undertaken
  • Implementation of a prevention plan
  • A comprehensive soft-skills development plan
  • Promotion of diversity in under-represented roles (“Digital women” initiative)
  • Implementation of a “disability” agreement
Actions undertaken
  • Option for employees to donate days to an association each year
  • Implementation of a sustainable development week
  • Operations to provide support to a number of associations
Actions undertaken
  • Implementation of a team dedicated to aggravated risks
  • Implementation of an employee satisfaction tool
  • Establishment of a good conduct charter shared with partners
  • 10% less paper used in 2021
  • Implementation of selective waste sorting
  • Global reworking of the vehicles policy
  • Professional Equality Index: 92 (in 2023)
  • Implementation of an employee barometer (results in progress)
  • Average satisfaction score of 8.5/10

Our values

Nos valeurs 

Nos valeurs

Valeur excellence

Our expertise is at the service of our partners and customers in order to ensure that we provide the best possible support. We guarantee reliable, relevant advice, along with the appropriate services and products offered with the latest regulatory and innovative developments.

Valeur audace

Always attentive to market and societal developments, we pave the way for future technologies and the professions of tomorrow in order to take on ambitious and responsible challenges alongside our customers and partners.

Valeur agilité

Inventive and responsive, we offer agile, customer-centric initiatives with cutting-edge technologies (Data, IA, etc). We make flexible, customized solutions available to our partners and customers in the shortest possible time.

Valeur proximité

We are attentive to the needs of our customers and partners to offer them solutions that are adapted to each of them, regardless of their size and turnover. Our teams are accessible and available to ensure project progression and to build personalised, sustainable customer relations.

Kereis, a responsible group determined to pave the way

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