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Kereis 4 impact

Corporate sponsorship is one of the priorities of the Kereis Group's CSR approach, which provides financial support for initiatives in the public interest.

Because everyone’s well-being is at the heart of our concerns, the Kereis Group has decided to go one step further in its corporate philanthropy initiatives, one of the key areas of our CSR approach. 

The aim? To support initiatives of general interest.  

Created in April 2023, the Kereis 4 impact Endowment Fund aims to have an impact on society. And particularly on the 4 issues identified as priorities: 

  • Preventing health risks   
  • Support for children and students 
  • Medical research 
  • Social integration 

Today, 14 projects are supported by Kereis 4 impact. They were chosen by the Fund’s Board of Directors on the recommendation of the regional selection committee, made up of Group employees and the CSR team.  


7 projects with a national scope

7 local projects proposed by employees


Board of Directors 

Chaired by Philippe GRAVIER, the Board of Directors of the Kereis 4 impact Endowment Fund sets the Fund’s strategic orientations, defines its action program and allocates its resources to any project of general interest within the scope of its purpose.  

Qualified” personalities:   

G. BROSSIER, Managing Director MAAF Vie & Sales & Marketing Director Covéa Vie Offers at Groupe Covéa

T. DE SAINT SIMON, Managing Director, Fondation Entreprendre

S.MAISANO, Strategy and Partnerships Advisor for La main à la pâte Development

Internal members:   

M. SAUNIER, Director of Human Resources, Communications and CSR

M. DE LA BROSSE, IT Contracts and Suppliers Manager


The team 

D. DE KERMOAL, Managing Director, Kereis 4 Impact Endowment Fund   

S. LAIR, Corporate Legal Director, acts as secretary to the Fund.  

E. FRIBOULET, Head of Corporate Legal Affairs, contributes his legal and tax expertise.


The regional selection committee 

The Fund’s regional selection committee implements the Endowment Fund’s strategy by studying and selecting the projects to be proposed to the Board of Directors following the call for employee projects. The committee is made up of employees from several Group subsidiaries. 

V. AROCA, Marketing Manager Kereis Iberia

D. BERLAMONT, Cegema Finance and Human Resources Director

A. BUGEJA, Head of Social Affairs Kereis

C. CHIARENZA, Director, Individual and Property Division, Kereis Expertises

T. COLAS, Chief operating officer Kereis Deutschland

M-A.DOISY, Director of Support and Compliance Kereis Expertises

D. FOUCHER, Kereis Communications Manager

I. LEONE, Office Manager Kereis Italia

C. PERACCIO, Compliance Lawyer at Cegema

F. PINEL, Kereis Communications Officer

E.VILAINE, Head of Marketing, Communications and CSR at Novelia


Project selection method   

The selection method combines two distinct, non-hierarchical channels: 

  • The regional Selection Committee pre-selects the projects proposed by employees. 
  • The CSR team follows the same process, identifying public-interest organizations with a national scope. 

Internal calls for projects run from March to June each year.