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National projects

The Kereis 4 Impact Endowment Fund supports 7 national projects.

The “Autour des Williams” association was created in 2003 to offer support to families affected by Williams & Beuren syndrome, facilitate the social and professional integration of carriers, and promote awareness of Williams & Beuren syndrome, notably by informing doctors. It provides medical, legal and educational information, encourages scientific and medical research, and organizes events and publications on the subject. 

The Endowment Fund supports the association in organizing its annual gathering in 2024 for families affected by Williams & Beuren syndrome. The event features conferences, round-table discussions and exchanges between families and healthcare professionals. It’s an opportunity for the association to combat isolation by encouraging meetings and the sharing of information. 

Find out more about the “Autour des Williams” association


Since 2021, Kereis has been supporting the Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine (PRM) cluster at Nantes University Hospital, in favor of the severely disabled. This center supports more than 10,000 patients a year. This partnership has contributed to the acquisition of innovative, cutting-edge equipment and technologies needed to provide better care for patients followed within this center of excellence, and ultimately a facilitated return to everyday life, as well as enhanced social and professional integration. 

Kereis 4 impact continues the Group’s commitment and supports the Nantes University Hospital in the creation of a daily life training apartment and a therapeutic apartment. These apartments will offer improved living conditions for patients and their families, thanks to the implementation of innovative rehabilitation and reintegration techniques.


The Kereis Group supports Clubhouse France, an association that contributes as widely as possible to the fight against stigmatization and isolation of people with mental disabilities and facilitates their social and professional reintegration. The association opened a day care center in Nantes in 2020, where it welcomes over 160 members. 

Support from Kereis 4 Impact will enable us to support its development, offer healthy meals, organize activities to create social links and get members back to work, and involve specialists.


Since its creation in 2003, the Association called “Française des aidants” has supported all family caregivers, regardless of the age or pathology of the person being cared for, through its collective programs (Cafés des Aidants®, Formation des Aidants), thanks to a solid network of partners (200 structures throughout France), and trains professionals through its training center. 

The Kereis 4 Impact Endowment Fund supports the association in accompanying care, health and medico-social professionals throughout their professional careers and studies, in order to improve the place and role of family carers. The Endowment Fund supports the Association in its advocacy and animation in the territories to multiply the impact with family caregivers, mainly for the anniversary of the 20 years of mobilization of the Association.


Emmaüs Connect has been working since 2013 to give people in socially and digitally precarious situations access to the online tools that have become indispensable. Being cut off from the internet today means being excluded from essential services for everyday life, it means moving away from a return to employment and social ties. 

At its 20 sites across France, the association offers a 360° response, addressing the 3 aspects of digital insecurity: access to equipment, access to connectivity and support in developing essential skills. 

With the support of Kereis 4 Impact, Emmaüs Connect could from September 2023 : 

  • train 4 new Digital Relays and support up to 200 senior citizens in digital inclusion; 
  • strengthen the coordination of the Relais Numériques network; develop the creation and distribution of shared resources.


This equal opportunity program prepares high school students from disadvantaged backgrounds for the preparatory classes for the grandes écoles. The association also offers free accommodation called “les Maisons”, as well as individualized support for scholarship students admitted to preparatory classes for the grandes écoles in Paris. 

The average success rate for students is around 98%, compared with the national average of 85%. 

Kereis 4 Impact’s support will enable us to accompany two students for one year. 


Kereis supports “P’tits doudous”, whose mission is to improve the welcome and well-being of children undergoing surgery, and to reduce their anxiety through play and digital technology before surgery. To achieve this, the association creates innovative activities to make the operating room experience less dramatic, and offers gifts to children who have undergone surgery. The aim is to reduce the need for premedication and post-operative trauma, and to facilitate the work of caregivers.  

Kereis 4 Impact’s support will enable the association to offer caregivers an exceptional opportunity to share their time with the children, by inviting them on a sailing trip. The aim is to take 200 caregivers on board for 10 days of seminars aboard the Ocean Fifty “Les p’tits doudous”, with skipper Armel Tripon, the association’s patron.