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Our lives are marked by a succession of milestones, projects, achievements, but also unexpected events. Kereis enables its partners to protect their customers by helping them to overcome these unexpected events and achieve their projects.

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A need,
an expert solution

Whatever your life insurance need, Kereis can make it happen for you.


Our Group deals with all aspects of personal insurance brokerage. A wealth of expertise to provide a global solution and coherence for your customers.

Social and environmental responsibility is a real driver of innovation and transformation for our activities, creating value for our current and future stakeholders.

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Over the last 5 years, Kereis has enabled me to develop, to change activity and to consider becoming a manager.

Philippe C. – Technical Manager
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External Growth

Particeep joins Kereis Group

13 December 2022
External Growth

Acquisition of Cegema

18 November 2022
External Growth

Acquisition of Valorielles

14 November 2022