Kereis Group

For 30 years, we’ve been paving the way in personal insurance for our partners and customers. Discover the brand website!

SaaS solutions and technology platform

Kereis Technologies, the benchmark technology platform for SaaS solutions for the credit, insurance and property industries.

Technology, at the heart of Kereis’ development

Kereis Technologies offers SaaS solutions for :

  • credit and provident insurance brokers
  • insurance companies, mutual insurers
  • property builders and developers, marketing agents
  • banks

Our ambition is to provide cutting-edge, high-performance services and solutions for :

  • draw up simulations, compile credit files and manage your credit brokerage business
  • managing the distribution and management of provident products.

Our digital and user-centric know-how is based on our strength in innovation, combined with the management expertise of France’s leading broker specialising in individual pensions.

On 1 May 2023, Alto Informatique, a leader in the credit brokerage market, will join Kereis Technologies, thus extending its expertise.

To complete this platform, the group has acquired 4 insurtechs : Minalea and Profideo, ProKonzept and Particeep.


  • 300 digital experts in agile teams
  • 60 APIs available to our customers
  • 4 insurtechs in the group