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Local projects

The Kereis 4 Impact Endowment Fund supports 7 local projects.

The Kereis 4 Impact Endowment Fund aims to make a positive contribution to civil society by mobilizing Group employees to help others. The aim is to enable everyone to become fully involved in the actions that are important to them. 

By opening a call for projects open to all employees, the Fund is supporting four local communities (Annecy, Lille, Nantes and Nice). This has resulted in the support of 7 projects that address four priority issues: health risk prevention, support for children and students, medical research and social integration. 

Discover the 7 projects supported below: 



Since 1868, the Sainte-Agnès association has been welcoming and supporting people made vulnerable by disability, age or illness. Today, some 250 professionals help almost 1,500 people along their life’s path. The association’s aim is to promote the inclusion of people with disabilities and to work towards a society open to differences.   

Kereis 4 Impact supports the actions of the Sainte-Agnès association, and will help it to develop a new, innovative concept of reciprocal inclusion. The aim is to host mainstream companies in a new building in Saint-Egrève (38), to encourage encounters with the sheltered environment. 



For over 30 years, the Centre social de Wazemmes has been a socially and culturally mixed place, offering activities, workshops, outings and support, with an emphasis on health risk prevention, literacy and parenting. It brings together residents of all ages.  

The Kereis 4 Impact Fund supports the association in its fight against social inequalities by informing vulnerable populations about health issues and access to care. The Centre social de Wazemmes plans to work with health professionals to provide advice, answer questions and propose preventive, educational and social integration actions for all types of public, particularly those in precarious situations.  


Founded in 2016, the “Chromosome Nantes” association aims to ensure the professional integration of adults affected by a disability, in particular trisomy 21. The business of catering and selling food preparations enables these adults to access the job market in a protected setting, but close to reality, and thus build a meeting place.   

The association’s ambition is to raise awareness of disability, encourage encounters and promote diversity, by offering employment opportunities in a mainstream environment to people who have difficulty finding work. The association seeks to transform difference into a positive force.  

The Kereis 4 Impact endowment fund is supporting the opening of a second restaurant in Nantes, close to the future new university hospital. The opening of this restaurant will enable the recruitment of 6 disabled employees. 



Founded in 1996, “Clowns de l’Espoir” is an association dedicated to bringing joy and comfort to sick children. Its mission is to improve the stay of children hospitalized in hospitals in the Hauts de France region, by organizing regular artistic interventions by clowns and sand merchants.   

The aim is also to actively and appropriately involve parents, family and carers in these weekly meetings. The “Clowns of Hope” work with 15,000 patients every year.   

The Kereis 4 Impact Fund is supporting the association as it rolls out a new program, starting this September, to support three new hospital departments specializing in neonatal, intensive care and post-acute care. Specially-trained clown and sandman duos will work in these departments.   



Founded in 2013, Coup de Pouce is an association dedicated to social aid and solidarity. Its mission is to provide concrete support to people in precarious situations in the Antibes (06) region. The association brings together, in a single location, a solidarity grocery store and a social restaurant. Every year, nearly 5,000 meals at €1 are served to people in precarious situations. The restaurant also enables beneficiaries and retirees to break their isolation and loneliness.   

Thanks in particular to the support of the Kereis 4 Impact Fund, Coup de Pouce is launching the opening of a new reception center, also in Antibes. This multi-purpose facility will offer a solidarity grocery store, a thrift shop, various services such as hairdressing and laundry, computer, cooking and sewing workshops, as well as administrative assistance.   

With opening hours extended to 6 days a week, this spacious new space will meet the – unfortunately growing – needs of some 500 families in difficulty and people with disabilities, thus completing the existing offer.



Founded in 1894, the Institut Pasteur de Lille is a private foundation with an international reputation for medical research and health prevention. With 800 committed employees, its mission is to promote a better and longer life in good health.   

The new research program focuses on three priorities:  

Infectious diseases in the context of emerging epidemic risks and antibiotic resistance. 

Degenerative diseases linked to lifestyle, longer life expectancy and environmental changes (diabetes and its complications, cardiovascular and respiratory diseases, neurodegenerative diseases, senescence, fibrosis and cancer). 

Direct action and research in preventive health care, particularly in the areas of obesity, nutrition and diabetes, aimed at senior citizens and disadvantaged groups. 

By becoming a sponsor, the Kereis 4 Impact Endowment Fund supports these researchers by contributing to their equipment, enabling them to better prevent health risks, better understand them, slow their progression, develop innovative treatments and encourage health-promoting behaviors.


The Simon de Cyrène association develops shared living spaces, where people with disabilities and care assistants live together. The association’s ambition is to create, animate, manage, encourage and implement the development of places based on “living together”, activities and leisure activities enabling people with disabilities and at risk of social exclusion to choose and realize their projects. The aim is to develop social ties and break down isolation.  

The Kereis 4 Impact endowment fund is supporting the association in the opening of a fourth shared home in Nantes, allowing able-bodied adults and people with disabilities live together.