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Kereis inaugurates its innovation laboratory!

Paving the way for tomorrow’s insurance… today!

Kereis has just inaugurated a new space, entirely dedicated to innovation: Welcome to the LIKe, the Kereis Innovation Laboratory!

Company life / Partenariats

The LIKe is a place of creation and inspiration, embodying the Kereis vision of paving the way in both business and social issues.

Based in our Nantes and Paris offices, LIKe is an incubator of ideas, a crossroads for the exchange of new knowledge and practices, to drive forward bold projects.

LIKe is based on 3 strong commitments:

💡create together (LIKe & Create)
🔄share good ideas (LIKe & Share)
📚learning from each other (LIKe & Learn)

The LIKe inauguration was also an opportunity to reveal our brand-new partnership with TEDxNantes!

This association will enable Kereis to participate locally in an international movement that helps transmit inspiring, innovative, value-creating ideas with the power to change the world.

We’ll be hosting our first conference at the LIKe in Nantes on November 20. Cyrille Chaudoit, renowned entrepreneur, podcaster and lecturer, will be speaking on the theme of “Technological acceleration: what about Human?

An evening that promises to be rich in reflection and new perspectives!

So stay tuned to explore new horizons with us!
You’ll love the LIKe! 💙


External Growth

Acquisition of Novelia

23 November 2023