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Intelligent solutions for insurance professionals

Minalea, l’intelligence artificielle au service de l’assurance

Minalea, artificial intelligence in the world of insurance

Minalea, which is part of our Group, develops artificial intelligence solutions and offers its professional insurance customers performance-enhancing expertise. Established by a team of online insurance experts in Europe over 20 years agoMinalea encapsulates experience and unique digital technology solutions . Located in the heart of the Alps, in Annecy in the French department of Haute-Savoie, Minalea also has offices in Belgium, Italy and Spain.

Our solutions


The intelligent assistant who automatically generates the perfect sales pitch!

AirMarket Viewer

The intelligent solution that graphically analyses the positioning of insurance offers


The expert insurance chatbot


The module that delivers data to third-party applications


Automatically extracts and structures insurance document data