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For 30 years, we’ve been paving the way in personal insurance for our partners and customers. Discover the brand website!

Kereis Formation

Training organisation specialising in personal insurance and credit 

Organisme de formation expert en crédit et assurance de personnes

Training organisation specialising in personal insurance and credit 

Kereis Formation is a training organisation specialising in personal insurance and credit. We help our customers to establish a skills development plan for their employees based on appropriate instructional techniques and a recognised expertise. Through a combination of face-to-face teaching, digital learning or virtual classroom-based teaching, we establish the most innovative instructional pathways possible to achieve your goals.  

Kereis Formation was one of the first organisations to be referenced in Datadock in order to offer financial support. Due to our recognised professionalism, Kereis Formation is now the leading remote trainer in the mortgage, insurance and payment services domains. 

  • 96% of our trainees are satisfied
  • 30 IDD* eligible modules
  • 4100 trainees signed up
  • 530 customers
  • 15 years of existence

Qualiopi Certification


Our certification is your guarantee of: 

  • Regulatory compliance 
  • Balance of skills and technical and human resources in training actions  
  • Customer satisfaction  
  • Financial sustainability  
  • Compliance with a code of conduct

Nos solutions

Nos solutions

Our solutions

IOBSP Training

For Intermediaries in banking operations and payment services (IOBSP), brokers and authorised credit representatives

IAS Training

Enabling IAS training for insurance brokers and authorised representatives

Cross-sector training

To develop skills as a manager, developer or coach

Become a mortgage broker

A complete cycle that includes level 1 IOBSP training, level 3 enabling IAS training and regulatory compliance training of IOBSPs

To become an insurance broker

E-learning training to gain level 1 IAS authorisation recognised by ORIAS

* From 23 February 2019, the Insurance Distribution Directive (IDD) imposes a minimum annual training of 15 hours for all insurance intermediaries.