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Kereis Iberia

Kereis Iberia, spécialiste de l'assurance emprunteur et prévoyance en Espagne

Kereis Iberia, credit risk insurance and life insurance specialist in Spain

The Kereis Group has been operating in the Spanish market for 15 years.

Established in 2007Kereis Iberia develops insurance program management, creation and consulting activities for leading financial and distribution entities. Located between Barcelona and Madrid, its 75 employees deploy an exclusively B2B2C business model. Kereis Iberia transcends borders with its digital tools and is present in a number of European countries (France, Portugal, Germany, Austria).

In partnership with the ASNEF (Spanish Association of Credit Institutions), and through an e-learning platform, Kereis Iberia also trains most of the independent distributor networks that want to market insurance products. 

Our solutions

Comprehensive projects

Implementation of insurance distribution models in a wide range of sectors with a multi-channel and multi-product approach

Insurance broker

Expert in brokerage and mediation projects for consumer financing

Insurance program Back Office

Management of comprehensive insurance programmes (customer service, collection of premiums, management of claims, etc.)

Insurance distribution training

Digital platform to train independent distributor networks

Fully digital customer experience

An omni-channel experience both in terms of the subscription process and when submitting the policy request, or at any time