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Cerap joins Kereis !

Kereis expands into distribution and management of collective welfare.

External Growth

Kereis acquires Cerap, a brokerage company specializing in the distribution and management of collective social protection solutions.


Cerap, a brokerage company established in 1985 and based in Rennes, is a recognized player in providing advice on social protection and managing group insurance contracts. The company manages €80 million in social protection contributions. It is led by Stéphanie and Bernard Voiseux, who will continue to oversee the company’s management. Cerap works with renowned collective insurance risk carriers, collecting premiums for group health and welfare coverage. Additionally, Cerap has developed a collective welfare management platform to provide high-level service to its corporate clients.

The company advises 2,500 client companies located throughout France, representing 300,000 beneficiaries of group welfare and health coverage. Cerap has developed significant expertise in the temporary staffing industry, insuring approximately 15% of temporary staffing companies in France.

Kereis, which achieved a proforma turnover of €340 million in 2022, acquires complementary expertise in collective welfare management through its partnership with Cerap, which naturally complements its core business in individual welfare. Cerap will leverage Kereis’ digital capabilities to enhance its collective welfare platform.

Cerap’s DNA aligns with the values of the Kereis Group, including expertise, proximity, and a high level of service quality for its clients. This shared vision between Kereis and Cerap has been a crucial element in this partnership.

According to Frank Roullier, Deputy CEO of Kereis, “This new acquisition will enable us to gain new distribution and collective welfare management capabilities, allowing us to more extensively meet the needs of our clients in the welfare domain. We thank Stéphanie and Bernard Voiseux for their trust and are delighted to welcome them to our Group.”

Stéphanie and Bernard Voiseux, directors of Cerap, state, “We are thrilled to join Kereis, both for its human support and values, as well as its digital expertise that brings new momentum to Cerap’s development. Our expertise in collective welfare will complement Kereis’ core business. Our values, long-lasting and genuine relationships with clients for nearly 40 years, and the expertise of our team in collective insurance will continue to drive us. We are thus building a sustainable, competitive, and bold offering, accelerating our growth with the support of the Kereis Group. We sincerely thank the leaders of Kereis for their trust.”

A warm welcome to the Cerap teams, who, together with Kereis, are paving the way for the insurance of tomorrow.