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Kereis takes part in the European Weeks for Sustainable Development  

Kereis is fully committed to the European Weeks for Sustainable Development (EWSSD) 2023, promoting commitment to a sustainable world through a variety of initiatives.

Commitments / Evénement

Initiated in France in 2003, the European Weeks for Sustainable Development (EWSSD) aim to raise awareness of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. The 2023 ESDW are scheduled to run from 18 September to 08 October 2023, with the central theme of “Everyday action”. Each year, this high point is a reminder that every action counts, including our small everyday gestures, to bring about fundamental changes in our societies. Once again this year, Kereis is fully committed to this initiative, demonstrating its commitment to a more sustainable future.  

Each week is dedicated to a specific area of commitment, with the following themes:  

From 18/09 to 22/09: Accelerating commitment to a sustainable world   

From 25/09 to 29/09: Supporting change towards a sustainable future   

From 02/10 to 06/10: Protecting today, preserving tomorrow  

The European Weeks for Sustainable Development provide an ideal opportunity to promote these commitments. During this period, Kereis plans to launch a number of initiatives aimed at raising awareness among its employees, business partners and customers of the importance of adopting more environmentally-friendly practices. 


Concrete actions for a real impact  

Among the many actions that Kereis and several of its subsidiaries will undertake during the SEDD are  

  •  Waste clean-up operation: In celebration of World Cleanup Day, Kereis has made a commitment to combat pollution caused by waste by mobilising its employees to take part in clean-up initiatives. Waste clean-up actions are planned at the Nantes, Nice and Barcelona sites.  
  •  Responsible digital technology: The company will be raising employee awareness of the environmental impact of digital technology and the issues involved in creating a more responsible digital environment.   
  • Biodiversity fresco: Through a fun workshop, the Kereis Group is inviting its employees to come and learn about the issues and pressures surrounding biodiversity.   
  • Eco-driving: Kereis offers its employees an online eco-driving course to promote more responsible and environmentally-friendly driving.   


A sustainable commitment  

For Kereis, the commitment to sustainable development is not limited to the SEDD. It is an ongoing mission that is reflected in all aspects of the company. Kereis strives to push the boundaries of innovation while respecting the environment.  

Kereis’ active participation in the European Weeks for Sustainable Development demonstrates its commitment to working towards a sustainable future for all.   

Together, we can make a difference and create a future where sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. SEDD is just one example of our ongoing commitment to a better future for all.