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Acquisition of Cegema

Kereis is expanding its personal health insurance wholesale brokerage offer.

External Growth

Avec cette cinquième acquisition en 2022 en France, après celles de DamePrévoyance, Ça assure, Entalia et Valorielles, le Groupe Kereis poursuit sa stratégie de développement de ses capacités de distribution en assurances de personnes. Cegema vient ainsi compléter les activités de courtage grossiste du groupe Kereis, en complément d’iAssure, acteur grossiste de référence en prévoyance individuelle.

Acquisition de Cegema

Kereis, a European brokerage group specialising in personal insurance, announces the acquisition of wholesale broker Cegema, currently owned by Agami, a subsidiary of Swiss LifeFrance.

Based in Villeneuve-Loubet (Alpes-Maritimes), Cegema is a wholesale brokerage firm specialising in many aspects of personal insurance, offering its partners a range of personal health insurance products. It has recently branched out into individual life insurance. Employing more than 180 members of staff and posting turnover of nearly €35M in 2021, the company notably has a management hub serving 160,000 policyholders and its partner brokers.

With this fifth acquisition in 2022 in France, following the acquisitions of DamePrévoyance, Ça Assure, Entalia and Valorielles, the Kereis Group is driving forwards with its strategy to expand its personal insurance distribution capacities. Cegema will thus complete the Kereis Group’s wholesale brokerage activities, alongside iAssure, a leading wholesale broker specialising in individual life insurance. The Kereis subsidiaries now offer a comprehensive personal health insurance and life insurance product portfolio to their network of distributor brokers. This acquisition comes with the signing of a long-term partnership contract between Swiss Life and Cegema in the domains of health insurance and credit risk insurance.

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Frank Roullier, Managing Director of Kereis, and the new Managing Director of Cegema states that: “This new strategic acquisition enables us to enhance our distribution capacity and to acquire a personal health insurance management platform. It also provides an opportunity for Kereis to forge a new pivotal partnership with Swiss Life, a leading insurance firm known in the market for its excellence in personal insurance offers. I would like to extend my sincere thanks to the managers of Swiss Life for putting their trust in us, and to Jean-Marc Clérempuy for his commitment to developing Cegema these past few years.”

Eric Le Baron, Managing Director and Director of Distribution at Swiss LifeFrance, states: “We are extremely proud of the significant and profitable commercial development of Cegema over the last ten years, principally in individual health insurance. To continue this growth trajectory, its business model needs to be developed, in particular through partnerships with other risk bearers, adopting a marketplace approach. This all requires investments that Swiss Life France wants to allocate to other strategic priorities. We are delighted to have signed the agreement with the Kereis Group, which meets our three key objectives of finding a buyer that knows how to develop Cegema’s potential, giving employees new impetus, and cementing a promising distribution partnership in which Swiss Life is a leading insurer for both its individual health insurance and credit risk insurance offers.