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The Group

Our lives are marked by a succession of milestones. Some are brought about by our projects, signs of hope, enthusiasm and realisation. Others are related to life events, which are the cause of uncertainty and even concern. Since our creation, we have been supporting our partners’ customers through all of these key moments.

Our goals

Protecting yourself in your projects should never be a test. At Kereis, we make the quality and transparency of our services a priority. We walk side by side with our customers, our employees and our partners, with sustainability at the heart of our concerns and actions.

The benchmark broker specialized in personal insurance

The expertise of our employees enables our partners and end customers to benefit from tailor-made solutions combining the best of Human and Digital worlds. We co-build with our partners the solutions adapted to their needs: design of offers, sale, sales assistance, contract management and service delivery, thanks to the wealth of our brands. Bankers, insurers, specialised financial services, wholesale or proximity brokers, or online brokers gain access to our know-how regardless of their method of distribution.

The digital world to simplify and make life easier for our partners and customers

We put the development of tools to facilitate the daily lives of each of our partners and policyholders at the heart of our strategy. At every stage of the process of subscribing a service, or from the life of a contract to the management of a claim, we ensure that what should never be complex is as simple as possible. Our innovations speak for us: digital insured space with Cbp4you, Odisea Extranet, secure transfer to Cbp of the insured’s data by the health insurance provider in the event of absence from work, artificial intelligence solutions (Minalea). With Kereis Technologies, we support our partners’ digital transformation. We offer infomanagement solutions with a package of available applications, distribution and management.

Our key figures

Discover the Group and its activities in a few figures.

€244 million

in turnover

€15 million

in life insurance contracts under management



€3.5 billion

in credit risk insurance premiums under management

Our history

Discover the history of our Group in a few key dates: launch of new activities, digital innovations etc.


  • Kereis transfers the Empruntis, ACE, Immoprêt and iRegroup brands to Spartfin/Partners Finances, a subsidiary of the Mentor Group.
  • International development: launch of our activities in Portugal, acquisition of Prokonzept in Germany


  • Launch of the first NST life insurance marketplace with iAssure
  • API with CNAM via France Connect, Insee Data
  • Redesign of AltOffice solution on a single platform in SaaS mode
  • Majority shareholding in Minalea, specialist in artificial intelligence solutions for insurance professionals.


  • Creation of IRIS, solution for the digitalisation of credit portfolios with banks
  • The online claims portal Cbp4you is deployed nationwide in Germany, Austria, Spain and Italy


Launch of new activities:
– wholesale life insurance brokerage business: iAssure
– wholesale broker : iRegroup
cbp launches the first “credit risk insurance” mobile application


  • Acquisition of Ace Crédit, property brokerage
  • cbp, a pioneer in its sector, outsources all of its infrastructure to the Cloud


  • Acquisition of Alto-Informatique, leader in digital solutions for the financing and property business lines
  • Acquisition of Immoprêt, property credit broker


  • Acquisition of Empruntis.com and Empruntis l’Agence
  • Creation of the distribution hub
  • Launch of the non-borrower life insurance business
  • Cbp launches the first online insurance space for borrowers reporting a claim


Creation of cbp Deutschland


Opening of the credit risk insurance activity to individual contracts


Launch of Cbp4you, the first insured digital space in credit risk insurance


cbp España supports its partners in Portugal


  • cbp creates the first credit risk insurance comparator
  • Creation in Spain (Barcelona) of a European platform for consumer credit and loan insurance management
  • Creation in Italy of a prospective model of risk in CQS and CQP (Italian credit risk insurance), allowing to better understand the evolution of risks and to create products adapted to customer needs


Creation of Odisea, the first life insurance extranet dedicated to insurers


cbp creates the first SES@me sales front enabling online enrolment of credit risk insurance, deployed across a national network


cbp develops and manages contracts with an temporary disability work guarantee, introducing the principle of indemnity benefits


cbp deploys an interactive voice server to all policyholders who have made claims 24/7, allowing them to to know the status of payments made


cbp implements Electronic Document Management (EDM) for all management processes

cbp innovates with the redesign of the loss-of-employment insurance product with a single premium and entitlement acquisition device


Creation of the Group

Our values

A group with a human side

The Group is composed of 1100 men and women who are able to progress in many careers across the Group’s sites in both France and abroad:

  • 62% of employees are women ;
  • Average age of employees: 38 years.

At Kereis, every employee is involved in a collective and collaborative adventure.

For a successful work-life balance, Kereis offers a flexible work organisation including telework arrangements in all its companies.
These methods pay particular attention to the health and safety of employees and to maintaining their links with their professional community. Kereis is committed to diversity and professional equality between men and women. The 92/100 mark of the M/F equality index for 2021 shows the desire to promote all professional career pathways and to promote equal opportunities for all our employees, regardless of their gender.

  • Pay gap indicator: 37/40
  • High compensation indicator: 5/10
  • Indicator of difference in individual rates of increase: 20/20
  • Promotion rate deviation indicator: 15/15
  • Indicator of increase on return from maternity leave: 15/15

Our values


Our expertise is at the service of our partners and customers in order to ensure that we provide the best support on the market. We guarantee reliable, relevant, specific advice along with the appropriate services and products offered with the latest legal, regulatory and technological developments.


Always attentive to market and societal developments, we pave the way for future technologies and the professions of tomorrow in order to take on ambitious and responsible challenges alongside our customers.


Inventive and responsive, we offer flexible, customer-centric approaches with cutting-edge technologies. We make flexible, customized solutions available to our partners and customers in the shortest possible time.


We are attentive the needs of our customers and partners to offer them solutions that are adapted to each of them, regardless of their size and turnover. Our teams are accessible and available to ensure project progression and to build personalized, sustainable customer relations.

Our CSR commitments

Kereis, a responsible group that engages with all of its employees. From its inception, the fundamental mission of Kereis has been to facilitate and secure the financial projects of its customers within the framework of a major event in their lives or that of their company. Its mission is, in itself, a response to a societal need. However, the company now wants to go even further, with an approach to commitment that takes all of its stakeholders into account. In order to anchor this approach in daily life and in our Group’s projects, we have incorporated Corporate Social Responsibility into our Group’s values.