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Our customer solutions

4 insurtech at the service of our partners and customers

Our customer solutions

Within our technology platform, we have developed two SaaS activity solutions specifically for our broker customers: Alto and Prokonzept.

We also offer sales support solutions through our Minalea team, which specialises in Artificial Intelligence. Lastly, our subsidiary Particeep develops solutions dedicated to the development of online insurance and investment products for customers.

SasS solutions that dematerialise and digitise customer relations for credit, property, and property tax exemption advice professionals.
Deployed in Germany, these SaaS solutions dematerialise and digitise customer relations for credit brokers, the preparation of financial documents and API interconnections with banking information systems.
A unique platform that analyses insurance product and service warranties using artificial intelligence. The platform relies on the technology solutions AirPitch, Smart Sales Assistant, AirMarketViewer and AirScan to decipher and analyse complex documents.
Online distribution of white label banking, insurance and investment product solutions.