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Kereis wins 3 trophies at the Argus d’or 2023

Kereis had the great pleasure to receive not only one but three awards at the Argus d’Or 2023 event.


Kereis had the great pleasure of receiving not one but three awards at the Argus d’Or 2023 evening.

  • 🏆 The Customer Relations Prize and 🏆 The HEC Alumni Assurances Prize, awarded to our subsidiary Minalea for its innovation AirScan.
    AirScan is an Artificial Intelligence tool that automatically deciphers and understands complex insurance documents such as Special Conditions or insurance quotes.
  • 🏆 The Personal Insurance Prize, awarded to the Kereis group for the Intelligent Health Comparator.
    This innovation is based on the AirPitch technology, developed by Minalea, which analyses the insurance offers on the market and compares them in order to offer the customer the best guarantee/price offer according to his needs.
    The AirPitch technology is combined with the excellence of the Ses@me underwriting process, developed by the Kereis France teams and marketed by iAssure, the group’s wholesale broker.

We are particularly proud of this recognition, as it is the result of the collaboration between the different entities of the Kereis Group.

It is our synergies that allow us to design more innovative solutions for our partners and policyholders, to open up the insurance of tomorrow to all.

Congratulations to our employees for their agility and excellence.
These three awards are above all theirs!