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Acquisition of Prokonzept

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Our Group has decided to proceed with a majority shareholding in Prokonzept.

Prokonzept is a company that develops a software solution to help in the sale of “EVA Finance” to German credit brokers and real estate agents, composed of a customer relationship management tool and a credit instruction module. This technological company, created in 2001, is based in Berg, close to Ravensburg in the Bade-Wurtemberg region in south-west Germany. The company currently has seven internal and external employees.

Its acquisition represents an opportunity for Kereis to cross-sell credit risk insurance in Germany, based on the already successful development model in France between Alto Informatique and iAssure.

This operation reinforces the Group’s software edition hub, already composed of Alto, Minalea and Kereis Technologies.

As with the acquisition of Minalea, this operation is consistent with our strategic priorities which focus on the digitalization of our services and the strengthening of our direct and wholesale distribution capacities, in order to progressively cover the whole brokerage ecosystem in personal insurance.